Embracing the Slow with Sophie Haber

When we align with slow fashion, we not only align with the value and quality of authentic craftsmanship, we align with the ethos of an ancient philosophy. That slowing down, and appreciating the present moment is beneficial for enjoying a well-balanced life. The slow and methodical art of hand block printing and hand-looming are fine examples of such immersion. The nature of hand-craftsmanship is one that involves a process of letting go in the moment, focussing on the process rather than an outcome to bring the beautiful creations to life.

So, how may we embrace the slow in our everyday lives? For us it's about taking conscious moments to breathe, practise presence, delight in patience, accept fluidity, feel gratitude, and bask in the beauty of nature. There are many wonderful ways to explore the sweet slowness of life, even when we’re amidst busy moments!

Embracing the slow can be a truly uplifting experience. We find everything feels lighter and more enjoyable when we slow down, breathe in the moment and just be. Nature's splendour can be our best friend in learning to embrace more slowness in everyday life. Whether it’s observing a pot plant in the corner of the room, or out amongst the flowers in bloom, connecting with nature is like a golden path of discovery to the joys of growing (slowly) within. 

This feeling of embracing the slow is what we love to embody in our feminine designs. Capturing a timeless aesthetic of freedom, beauty and connection. From the slow, sustainable nature of their craftsmanship, to the essence of relaxation we feel when wearing them. Sophie Haber wandering her garden in some of our newly released series of handloom styles, reminds us of the energy that guides our garments creation.

(Words by Ella Josephine Archer)